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We put the fun back into finding your new home. If you're looking for a genuine and competent agent who knows San Diego better than any Google search or Yelp review, let's talk. An online search can't help you understand the ins and outs of a new city, street by street, building by building. That's where we come in. At Downtown Condo Guys, we work with the best clients in the world, and we work hard to make sure that each and every one is right where they need to be.

Finding the right agent for you is like finding a needle in a haystack. There are lots of options, all who will make you promises, but there's only a few who follow through. Our team gives attention to the entire process from the initial search through the end of escrow, and after. 

We understand that finding the perfect home requires patience. We have a team who genuinely cares about your search. We'll spend the time to coach and mentor you, but even more important, we'll listen to you. Sometimes the search is less about checking the boxes and more about how your new home makes you feel.

Did we mention our passion for understanding the unique aspects of each of San Diego's neighborhoods? And we live and work in the neighborhoods that you're considering? It's worth mentioning again.

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I was moving to San Diego from the bay area and Downtown Condo Guys was more than helpful in helping me get a condo. I was really picky about the place I wanted but they made it happen despite what seemed like heavy rental competition in Little Italy (I had two condos I thought I had gotten on my own and both fell through prior). Searching for a condo from out of town was a daunting task but Downtown Condo Guy's services removed the stress and uncertainty from the process. 

Dave W.

Downtown Condo Guys execute their mission to be "Downtown Realtor/Concierge". I recently bought a condo through Jamie and was able to close on the first property that I made an offer on. He took the time to make sure we both understood my requirements and once those were on the table, he hit the ground running. Within a week I had entered escrow! He simply knows how to make the deal work. I tried through Redfin for 3 months and didn't get anywhere near the kind of service Downtown Condo Guys offers. 

Richard L.

Working with Downtown Condo Guys completely changed my preconceptions of stereotypical realtors. Instead of suits, ties, and the pressure to close, my boyfriend and I felt like we were given a private tour of the city with a friend. Miguel only showed us units he himself would live in and gave us straight forward answers and advice. Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants a genuine guy with genuine answers/advice, especially for transplants such as ourselves. 

Tuilly M.