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Cortez Hill

Cortez Hill is calling if you’re looking for a history-rich, highly-connected San Diego neighborhood! 

As one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city, it was named after the famous El Cortez Hotel. Opened in 1927, the hotel was the tallest building until 1963. Throughout the years, it underwent several renovations and additions. It now holds a spot in the National Register of Historic Places and as a marker of the great Cortez Neighborhood. 

For an urban neighborhood with a cozy residential feel, there’s nothing better than Cortez Hill. Learn more about it and if it can be the right home for you!

the aria

Built in 2008, Aria is a stunning 24-story high-rise featuring 137 luxurious residences.

Cortez Hill Housing

Cortez Hill offers plenty of housing options. This history-rich neighborhood includes its fair share of historic and Victorian homes alongside newer high-rise condominiums. There are additional high-rise condominium developments throughout the neighborhood, as well as smaller townhome complexes as well. 

Families looking for a single-family home can find what they need, but those looking to enjoy the amenities of condo living also have plenty of options. Overall, the neighborhood has a more residential feel, without as much commercial space as some others

Symphony Terrace on Eighth Avenue in the Cortez Hill neighborhood

Symphony Terrace is located on Eighth Avenue in the Cortez Hill neighborhood

Benefits of Living in Cortez Hill

With an amazing view, access to transportation, and historical sites, Cortez Hill has it all! Here are a few of the most important features of this incredible neighborhood.

Transportation/ Accessibility 

Cortez Hill ranks incredibly high for the location. It offers close proximity to the busy city life, but enough of an escape to ensure peaceful living. It’s close to plenty of attractions as well as major highways and public transportation. 

Those who want to visit downtown San Diego often, whether for work or fun, will enjoy the location. It’s also quick and accessible to visit Balboa Park and all it has to offer. Transportation itself is abundant and convenient, including access to Interstate 5 and 163, multiple bus stops, and the Plaza Trolley Station.


Those who live in Cortez Hill always have something to do. It boasts a wide range of amenities and facilities, catering to a wide range of interests. A few of the many things to do there include:

  • Parks/green spaces, like Tweet Street Park and nearby Balboa Park 
  • Shopping centers, including boutiques, grocery stores, and more 
  • Healthcare facilities, located near plenty of medical centers and hospitals 
  • Diverse restaurants 
  • Vibrant nightlife 


Cortez Hill has no shortage of educational opportunities and resources! It has a mix of public, charter, and private schools for learners of all ages. 

Residents can attend public schools within the San Diego Unified School District. A few notable public schools include:

  • Washington Elementary School
  • Roosevelt International Middle School
  • San Diego High School

There are plenty of private schools as well, offering more individualized attention and smaller class sizes. Charter schools are another option in the area. These independent schools offer non-traditional and often project-based learning. 

Furthermore, Cortez Hill is conveniently located near excellent universities and colleges including:

  • San Diego State University
  • University of San Diego
  • University of California, San Diego 


Safety is not a concern in Cortez Hill. Residents report feeling safe in the secure neighborhood. Compared to other neighborhoods in Downtown San Diego, Cortez Hill has a low crime rate. They take a preventative approach to crime, with a tightly-knit community that partners with law enforcement to keep its neighborhood safe. It has several community initiatives and programs to promote security and safety, like a neighborhood watch. 

Vibrant Community Lifestyle

Cortez Hill fosters a strong sense of community and offers plenty of lively events. It boasts a diverse demographic makeup, bringing together people from many different backgrounds. Despite the array of diversity, the neighborhood has a close-knit community with a welcoming vibe. Many residents enjoy community events and work together to build a tight bond. 

You can find plenty of festivals and events in the neighborhood all year long. A few of the vibrant activities include:

  • Street festivals
  • Live music
  • Art exhibitions
  • And many more

Outdoor Activities 

Nature lovers, Cortez Hill has plenty for you as well! Alongside urban accessibility and amenities, this neighborhood has plenty of outdoor activities as well. It’s located near plenty of trails, parks, and natural sites. Not to mention, it is close to a variety of mountains, beaches, and other outdoor areas.

It’s easy to find green space near Cortez Hill. Stroll in the local Tweet Street Park and enjoy picnic areas and green walking paths. Balboa Park is also nearby, filled with gardens and other activities. If you’re looking for an outdoor adventure, like a nice hike, then take a short drive to Mission Trails Regional Park or Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve.

Cortez Hill LOCATION

Cortez Hill is a 30-block San Diego neighborhood located northeast of the city. It’s nestled between Core District on the south, Bankers’ Hill on the north, Little Italy on the west, and Balboa Park on the east. 

This downtown neighborhood sits in the heart of San Diego’s hilltop area, offering excellent views and convenient access to popular amenities. Its location makes accessing major highways and public transportation easy, providing excellent connectivity throughout the city.

Let Us Help You with Your Cortez Hill Real Estate Needs!

Cortez Hill is an urban wonderland with the ideal mix of neighborhood charm, access to transportation, local amenities, and more. Known for its diversity and close community, it’s a top place to live in San Diego!

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