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Did You Know…

By Frank Sabatini Jr.

…that in data analyzed by SmartAsset from 200 of the nation’s largest cities, San Diego ranks 50th in the category of “safest big cities in America?” It trailed slightly below (surprisingly) Los Angeles, which was 46th.

Among the metrics used in the survey were violent crime, property crime, vehicular mortality rate, and percentage of the population engaging in excessive drinking. For the “big city” category that San Diego fell into, cities needed to have populations of more than a million.

Falling far behind our fine metropolis is San Antonio (113th), Philadelphia (115th), New York (126th), Dallas (130th), Chicago (139th), Phoenix (148th), and Houston (157th).

And turning up as the safest city on the overall list of 200—and for the second year in a row– is Frisco, TX. The smallish city is located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.