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Mission Hills

A common mission in a lot of people’s lives is finding the perfect place to call home – somewhere where you can be happy and put some roots down. Fortunately for some people, they looked at the word “mission” in that first sentence and saw that the answer was sitting right under their noses the whole time.

Mission Hills is a neighborhood in San Diego and boy, is it a great place to call home. Hold your horses, though. We have to tell you why that’s the case. So sit back and relax as we try to help you complete your mission of finding a home by letting you in on a little secret: Mission Hills could be the answer.

The historic Mission Hills sign in San Diego.

Historic Mission Hills sign at Paseo de Mission Hills in the historic neighborhood.

Mission Hills Housing

If your mission is to find a home in Mission Hills as we alluded to earlier, you don’t have to change your preferences!

Mission Hills is a residential neighborhood, so real estate here is fairly diverse. Condos, townhomes, and single-family homes line the streets and can accommodate any living style. Mission Hills is an affluent area, so expect the luxury and amenities that come with the prices.

A Prairie School style house on a sunny day in Mission Hills.

House in Prairie School style in Mission Hills.

Benefits of Living in Mission Hills

We’re pretty sure the residents of Mission Hills would agree that there are a lot of pros and not a whole lot of cons to living there. Sure, there are tangible benefits that come with the space, but there’s more to it than just what you can see. There’s a charm to the neighborhood that is unexpected for a neighborhood in such a large city. It’s not as flashy as some of the other areas of the city, but it makes up for it in other ways. 

About That Charm

Like some other areas of San Diego, Mission Hills is quite historic. It officially came to be Mission Hills in 1908, although the area had been settled for some time before that. Echoes of its history can still be felt today, with much of the original architecture being staunchly preserved and maintained.

As we said, though, the charm of Mission Hills is far more than something tangible. The neighborhood has an unexpectedly tight-knit nature to it that’s pretty uncommon for comparable areas. Walking the streets and perusing the boutiques, parks, and restaurants feels more like occupying a small-town suburb than a busy city. 

Have Fun Near Home

Speaking of boutiques, parks, and restaurants – Mission Hills is home to some of the best attractions that San Diego has to offer. 

We’ll start with Pioneer Park, which is a great place to go for a walk, have a picnic, or attend one of Mission Hills’ many community-wide events that they hold. The Mission Hills Town Council puts together these events throughout the year, including concerts held in Pioneer Park weekly on Fridays. Pioneer Park is centrally located in the neighborhood and is within walking distance of the entire neighborhood.

Looking to round out your steps taken in the park with a little relaxation? How about stopping at Cinema Under The Stars to catch a movie with friends and family? This outdoor theater is loved by locals and visitors alike. They offer a unique moviegoing experience. Expect to watch classic films in an intimate setting outside, though protected from harsh weather via awnings and space heaters. If the weather is right (which it usually is), expect an experience true to the name of this Mission Hills favorite.

Are you someone who appreciates the arts? Go to an art show at SD Art Advisory! It’s a local gem for admiring others’ hard work and dedication to creativity and expression. SD Art Advisory is a fairly recent addition to the neighborhood. Shows and events are always posted on their website, and if you’re living in Mission Hills, it should be on your bucket list.

Hope You Came Hungry

Mission Hills is also home to some premier eateries. Since it is a primarily residential neighborhood, most of them are located on the perimeter. One of the said restaurants to highlight is El Agave Restaurant and Tequileria. The self-proclaimed “true flavor of Mexico,” El Agave brings a lot to the table – both literally and figuratively. The food menu offers a wide selection of authentic Mexican dishes. If the food isn’t enough to sell you on El Agave, they also boast a massive selection of tequila to choose from – over 2,000 unique tequilas. 

Another place to stop by is Wolf In The Woods. This spot gives a different vibe than El Agave, but just as much quality and taste. This is the perfect place in Mission Hills to have a romantic dinner. Wolf In The Woods offers upscale dining with small plates that pack a big flavor punch. Add charcuterie, wine, and a unique interior design that is inspired by New Mexican folklore and art to the list and you’ve got one good night at Wolf In The Woods. 

Looking for a more low-key place to grab a bite? Try The Huddle. This place is a “home away from home” for the locals of Mission Hills and surrounding neighborhoods. Owner Ruth Hendricks succeeds in creating a homey feel for The Huddle, offering homestyle options to bring good food to bellies and comfort to hearts. It’s a place that can’t be done justice with a blog post. 

Mission Hills LOCATION

Mission Hills is located to the southeast of Mission Bay, north of the San Diego International Airport, northwest of downtown, and west of North Park. It’s nestled just north of the I-5 and south of I-8. With quick access to the freeways, commutes to other parts of the city are a breeze.

Wanna Make Mission Hills Home?

Does all of this sound appealing to you? Hoping to make Mission Hills home? Well, it’s convenient that you’re here, because we’re here to help with that!

The Downtown Condo Guys (that’s us) aren’t just another real estate company. We’re your neighbors! We’re locals! We’re people who love San Diego and want to share that love with as many people as we can!

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