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North Park

As you might have guessed from the name, one defining characteristic of the charming North Park neighborhood in San Diego is that it borders Balboa Park. But proximity to a world-class urban green space is not the only attraction this quaint and beautiful community has to offer. Originally developed as a lemon grove on the outskirts of the city, North Park was connected to San Diego via the intraurban rail system in the early 20th century, and retains the unique and much sought after design of those so-called “streetcar suburbs.” 

You’ll find an eclectic crowd in North Park: from young professionals to families, lifelong locals to newcomers, and everything in between. People from all walks of life are attracted to this zone because of vibrant culture, mix of housing options, and of course, Balboa Park.

Main Street in North Park.

North Park Main Street.

North Park Housing

Downtown Condo Guys is here to help you find the perfect home in North Park no matter your preferences. The housing stock in this neighborhood is primarily single family homes and duplexes, often boasting old historical styles like Spanish revival, craftsman bungalow, and mid-century modern.

Housing in this region comes in a variety of price points and levels of luxury, but in general will be slightly more affordable than housing closer to downtown, which makes it a great entry point for young families, budding professionals, and newcomers to the city.

The Jackson North Park in San Diego.

The Jackson North Park.

Benefits of Living in North Park

North Park is a beautiful San Diego neighborhood with a thriving art scene. Here are a few of the perks that this community has to offer.

Arts and Culture 

Forbes Magazine once described North Park as a “bastion of creativity in the area” of greater San Diego. Given the extensive cultural riches in this city, that’s really saying something. Still, it’s hard to argue when North Park hosts regular events such as the unforgettable Ray at Night. This free gallery walk, boasting participation from over 25 galleries, is a chance to experience art and mingle with creatives and enthusiasts every second Saturday. 

But arts and culture are more than just an occasional event in North Park; they’re a way of life. The galleries that participate in Ray at Night dot the neighborhood, as does street art and cozy cafes and dive bars. The neighborhood also offers its own farmer’s market, where you can buy produce and more while participating in a treasured community event. 

The Music Scene 

North Park boasts a robust music scene with lots of options to see live performers showing off their talents. Bluefoot Bar and Lounge, U-31, and Queen Bee’s Art and Cultural Center are just a few examples of places where you can catch a show. But the crown jewel of the neighborhood in terms of live music is certainly The Observatory North Park. This former home of the Lyric Opera San Diego now hosts rock, hip hop, folk, and more, in a beautiful cathedral-like setting you won’t forget! 

Balboa Park

What’s not to love about this incredible urban oasis of greenery and relaxation? Featuring forests, gardens, canyons, and trails, Balboa Park provides an opportunity to enjoy nature in the middle of a major city. But it’s not all about hiking: this park is also a focal point for the community in many ways. From outdoor classes and group activities  to museums and of course the world-renowned San Diego Zoo, you’ll never run out of things to do and experience when you live close to Balboa park. 


One of the best aspects of transportation in the North Park neighborhood is that it’s sometimes completely unnecessary. The neighborhood boasts some of the highest rates of pedestrian activity in the San Diego region, and that’s no accident. The area is highly walkable, and wherever you live you’ll likely have many amenities like grocery stores, restaurants, shops, bars, and entertainment within a few blocks.

When you do need to travel further, you’ll have a number of options at your disposal. As a former streetcar suburb, North Park is centrally located and well-connected via public transit options to the rest of the city, especially downtown. And being just outside the city center, there is less traffic and more parking than other areas, so driving will be a breeze, too. 


North Park offers an array of educational opportunities that cater to a wide range of academic needs and preferences. The public schools, Jefferson Elementary and Roosevelt Middle School, offer a great education to all, while a variety of private options also exist for those looking for alternatives. San Diego High School, on the other side of the park, offers a great option for older students. The variety of activities and events hosted in and around Balboa Park are also an amazing supplement to enrich your child’s experience. 


North Park wraps around the northwest corner of Balboa Park, offering easy access to one of the best urban parks in the U.S. Its other borders are defined by Park Boulevard, the Florida Canyon, Switzer Canyon, and Interstate 405. In North Park, you’ll be a short walk from the University Heights, Hillcrest, South Park, and City Heights neighborhoods – and a short drive or ride from anywhere downtown and around the park.

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North Park makes an excellent home for people from all walks of life. Whether you’re an outdoorsy type excited by Balboa Park or an artist looking for a supportive community, you’ll find lots of friends and community here. Let us help you find your home! As San Diego locals, Downtown Condo Guys can share the insight and experience you need to find the perfect property.

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