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Monetary fuel for an important arts community center (Space 4 Art)
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Space 4 Art in the East Village Receives a Significant Grant

By Frank Sabatini Jr.

San Diego’s live-work-learn center for artists, known as Space 4 Art, recently landed a $150,000 grant from the Prebys Foundation, a local foundation that supports visual and performing arts as well as medical research and youth empowerment programs.

“Our communities are better off thanks to the work of Space 4 Art,” said Prebys Foundation CEO Grant Oliphant.

Space 4 Art is a creative arts center that affordably houses and showcases artists at about half the rate of local commercial and residential spaces. Founded by artists, it often conducts free events that give San Diegans a chance to enjoy and learn about varied genres of art while offering educational outreach to under-served students throughout the city.

The facility is supported in part by the City of San Diego, the San Diego Commission of Arts and Culture, and Price Philanthropies to name a few.