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Bankers Hill

If you’re looking for a top-notch neighborhood that’s walking distance to the city and Balboa Park, look no further than Bankers Hill!

While its older homes date back to the end of the 19th century, Bankers Hill also has an array of modern high-rise condominiums facing the gorgeous Balboa Park. It got its name “Bankers Hill” due of its reputation for affluent living. Many of the notable homes from the 1800s have been converted into offices and short-term rentals.

Find out more about what makes Bankers Hill such a great place to live!

Quince Street Bridge in Bankers Hill, surrounded by trees and bushes.

Quince Street Bridge in Bankers Hill San Diego CA.

Bankers Hill Housing

Real estate options in Bankers Hill are limitless. The historic charm blends nicely with sophisticated, modern options. From stylish condos to comfortable single-family homes, Bankers Hill has it all. 

No matter what your lifestyle or preferences are, you can find a great home in this area. Historic homes are primarily Victorian and Craftsman-style, and they offer a timeless charm and historic elegance. 

However, Bankers Hill also offers plenty of contemporary living options. The area features an array of modern condominiums and townhouses, which can be ideal for those seeking a low-maintenance lifestyle in urban San Diego. Many modern residences offer luxurious amenities, including fitness centers, rooftop decks with pools, clubhouses, and incredible, panoramic bay, park, and city views. 

Many recent real estate developments have increased the appeal of Bankers Hill. The area continues to feature ongoing development and renovations that boost the quality of its real estate

The Long-Waterman House, 2408 First Avenue, Bankers Hill.

The Long-Waterman House, 2408 First Avenue, Bankers Hill.

Benefits of Living in Bankers Hil

Why consider Bankers Hill for your next home? Here are a few of the top benefits this neighborhood has to offer.


Its close proximity to Downtown and other vibrant San Diego neighborhoods makes Bankers Hill a prime location for urban living. The neighborhood offers incredible views of the San Diego Bay, skyline, and nearby sites. 


One major benefit of living in Bankers Hill is its walkability. It’s filled with cafes, bars, and restaurants, all within walking distance. Those looking for a walkable community will love everything this desirable and charming neighborhood has to offer. You won’t have to go far to grab groceries or other essentials or find entertainment. 

The area’s walkability also makes it ideal for those looking to commute by bike. It has a pedestrian-friendly design, with plenty of bike lanes, sidewalks, and crosswalks. Unlike many areas of the country, Bankers Hill is designed for people to easily get around without a car. 

Accessible Major Attractions

Conveniently nestled between Little Italy, Balboa Park, and Hillcrest, Bankers Hill provides easy access to San Diego’s top attractions and business areas. 

It’s walking and biking distance to downtown San Diego, providing a short commute for work or major events. It’s also a jump, skip, hop to the city’s primary train station, Santa Fe Depot. That makes train riding to other areas of the city or beyond accessible and convenient. 

It offers a central location near the zoo, airport, and other major attractions like The Old Globe theater, Mingei International Museum, Natural History Museum, and San Diego Museum of Art. Living in Bankers Hill offers easy access to all that San Diego has to offer. 

Proximity to Nature

Along with proximity to city life, Bankers Hill also offers plenty of access to green spaces, so it’s a perfect place for nature enthusiasts. It offers a view and close access to Balboa Park, which is filled with walking trails, gardens, dog parks, and museums. 

Head to the park and enjoy a nice walk or an outdoor picnic. The park also offers plenty of recreational and cultural activities. Presidio Park is also nearby. 

Healthcare Facilities

Access to quality healthcare is never an issue in Bankers Hill. The main business district of the neighborhood has a strong reputation for quality medical and dental care. It has plenty of its own high-quality clinics and specialized medical offices. You can often find primary care, specialized treatments, and more right in Bankers Hill. 

Aside from its own facilities, the area also offers proximity to some of San Diego’s top medical facilities. It’s a short distance away from world-class medical services including:

  • UC San Diego Medical Center – Hillcrest
  • Scripps Mercy Hospital
  • Rady Children’s Hospital 


Families with kids of all ages can rest assured that their education is in good hands in Bankers Hill. The area offers access to a wide range of education opportunities. It has plenty of quality private and public schools, allowing families to choose what works best for them. 

The Washington Elementary School and Roosevelt International Middle School are two highly successful public schools in the area. They focus on fostering a positive learning environment and preparing students for their future. 

Overall, schools in the area boast high academic achievement and are known for their quality of education. They often offer a range of extracurricular activities outside of academics to give students holistic educational and developmental opportunities.


Safety and security are two important qualities that Bankers Hill showcases. It has a strong reputation as a safe neighborhood within the San Diego area. Overall, crime rates are low and community members are committed to safety. 

Properties are well-maintained, and the community is active in preserving its quality. It boasts peaceful streets and an overall family-friendly environment. 

Bankers Hill LOCATION

Bankers Hill is situated inside the stunning Mission Hills neighborhood of San Diego, California. It’s surrounded by Balboa Park on the east, Downtown to the south, and Hillcrest to the North, and it’s part of the more expansive Uptown community. It provides easy access to Downtown San Diego, as well as amazing panoramic views of the city and bay. 

It offers a convenient, central location, with easy access to excellent amenities including cultural institutions, restaurants, and high-end boutiques.

We Can Help You Call Bankers Hill Home!

Bankers Hill is one of San Diego’s hidden gems. It offers an enjoyable, walkable living experience for young people, families, and more. The area offers a vibrant community and prime location for everything San Diego has to offer. 

If Bankers Hill sounds like a place for you, the Downtown Condo Guys are here to help! Our dedicated team is here to help you find your perfect home and community. Whether that’s Bankers Hill or another San Diego neighborhood, you can count on us to share our local insight.