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Gaslamp Quarter

What’s the best place in San Diego to light up the night with dancing and fun? Gaslamp Quarter is the answer!

Named for the fifty or so gas lamp street lights installed in the early years of the neighborhood’s development, Gaslamp Quarter has a strong Victorian design in its historic buildings. The gas lamp is a perfect example of the character of the Gaslamp Quarter. Gaslamp was built on historical buildings but is now famous for its active nightlife and culture.

The Gaslamp Quarter

The Gaslamp Quarter

Gaslamp Quarter Housing

Life in Gaslamp Quarter is always moving, but the busy citizens of Gaslamp need to rest just as much as they enjoy what the neighborhood has to offer. Housing in Gaslamp Quarter provides the perfect space for you to kick back and relax once you’re through exploring the streets.

This area has a multitude of housing options, including live-work loft units, townhouses, studios, and one- to two- bedroom condos. Many residencies offer features like outdoor terrace space, views of Petco Park or the San Diego Bay, fitness centers, or pools. The nearest restaurant is never more than a few minutes walk away, and you’ll never be far from an evening’s entertainment.

A photo from the Gaslamp Quarter featuring its architectural charm and lively nightlife.

Gaslamp Quarter has architectural charm and is best known for its lively nightlife.

Benefits of Living in Gaslamp Quarter

If you love to explore, try new things, and experience the arts, the Gaslamp Quarter is where you want to be. Here are some of our favorite parts of this neighborhood.

Accessibility to Major Attractions

Just one block outside of Gaslamp Quarter is the home of the San Diego Padres: Petco Park. With 81 home baseball games a year, plus a variety of other sports events and major music tours, you’ll always have something to look forward to in Petco Park.

Just across Harbor Drive from the Gaslamp Quarter is the San Diego Convention Center. This award-winning meeting venue hosts events year-round that bring in plenty of guests from abroad. If you’re a fan, you’ll want to make the most of living mere blocks away from Comic-Con International’s event location.

Historical Locations

With nearly 100 historical buildings packed into the 16 blocks of the Gaslamp Quarter, odds are that every sixth building you pass has a piece of history. The Victorian-era architecture provides a taste of the past for guests and residents alike while being used in the present. Many of these buildings aren’t preserved as museums, but are still in use today. Stop by the Old City Hall, now transformed into a restaurant and apartments, to appreciate the mix of modern and history.

One building that is a museum, however, is the Davis-Horton House. It’s the oldest wooden structure in Downtown San Diego, and it’s open for guests to visit. It may also be haunted, so watch out for ghosts!

Arts and Culture

Gaslamp Quarter is a home for the arts, and you don’t have to travel far to participate in the vibrant culture of creativity.

The Gaslamp Artisan Market is a farmer’s market for handcrafted clothing, accessories, and other handmade goods that meets every Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm. Get an accessory for your pet or enjoy a nice walk along the stalls after a tasty brunch to make the most of your time in the Gaslamp Artisan Market.

If the performance arts strike your fancy, then you’ll have to visit the Balboa Theatre. Originally opening in 1924 as a vaudeville and cinema theater, it now hosts visiting comedians, speakers, and entertainers. It is recognized as a City of San Diego Historic Site, and is a must-see for those with an interest in San Diego’s artistic history.


If there’s one thing you have to know about Gaslamp Quarter, it’s that the nightlife is always exciting. With over 180 restaurants, 50 bars, and 10 nightclubs, you can meet your friends for the perfect night on the town. With dueling pianos, live jazz, and blues players all around, music is an integral part of a night in the Gaslamp Quarter.

Check out NOVA San Diego to dance the night away on the main floor, or head up to the rooftop terrace for some fresh air. San Diego’s largest rooftop bar is at The Rooftop by STK, and the view is stunning. If you want a place that has it all, Parq Restaurant and Nightclub has food, drinks, live music, and DJs to make the night one to remember.


The Gaslamp Quarter is walk- and bike-friendly! If driving a car in a busy downtown area isn’t for you, there are plenty of ways to get around without one. The Downtown/Uptown Bike Loop is a 7-mile loop of bicycle lanes that stretches from Gaslamp Quarter to Balboa Park. It’s the perfect route to use if you plan on spending a day at the park or traveling up to another neighborhood for an afternoon.

In addition to being a walking and biking city, San Diego has a strong public transportation system here to support you. The San Diego Metropolitan Transit System can get you all around the city via bus or trolley, and services like Uber and taxis are always available.

Gaslamp Quarter LOCATION

Bordered by East Village, the Marina, and Columbia, Gaslamp Quarter is a neighborhood of foodies and fashionistas, which means that it’s the perfect downtown location for a night on the town.

This central location lets residents access plenty of restaurants, arts centers, and major attractions with ease.

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Gaslamp Quarter is perfect for people with their fingers on the pulse of the downtown lifestyle. It offers a walkable space to a variety of destinations, and you’re guaranteed to never be bored.

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