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Point Loma

La Punta de la Loma de San Diego – this was the name given to what is believed to be where modern-day California was started. Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo landed there five centuries ago. Today, it’s called Point Loma, and it is a wonderful neighborhood in the equally wonderful San Diego. Let’s uncover what makes this historic area of San Diego so special and figure out if it’s somewhere you’d like to call home (it probably is).

Point Loma Lighthouse on a sunny day with lots of greenery.

Point Loma Lighthouse in Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA.

Point Loma Housing

What’s the point in all of this if you can’t call this place home? There’s a lot of great real estate in Point Loma. Finding real estate that suits your needs can be difficult, but not in Point Loma. Condos, apartments, and houses are all options here. There are both commercial and residential areas in Point Loma, so finding the right housing for your situation will be a breeze!

A street in Point Loma, San Diego, CA on a sunny day.

Point Loma, San Diego, CA.

Benefits of Living in Point Loma

So what’s the point of living in Point Loma? Are you asking yourself this question? Whether your answer was yes or no, the question is about to be answered. There are many things that set Point Loma apart from other parts of San Diego. However, telling you here would be spoiling it, and nobody likes spoilers.

See the scenery

There’s no such thing as an eyesore in Point Loma. It is easily one of the most breathtaking neighborhoods in San Diego. With stunning ocean views and equally impressive terrestrial landscapes, such as the Sunset Cliffs on the west side of the peninsula – well, you just need to see it. 

The Cabrillo National Monument itself is a magnificent monument to Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, the first European to set foot in California. Aside from the historic significance of the monument, the area also allows for great views of both the San Diego skyline and the nature that encloses it. Seeing both the manmade and natural beauty in San Diego at the place where it all started is a trip.

If you’re a history buff, then what you call scenery might look a little different. However, there’s no shortage of places to go that offer some insights into the humble beginnings of Point Loma. In fact, there are six landmarks in Point Loma that are listed in the National Register of Historic Places. One community favorite is the New Point Loma Lighthouse, which dates back to 1854.

Enjoy the water

It’s on a peninsula – enjoy the water! Point Loma is the perfect place to participate in a variety of activities in and around the water. If you’re a novice when it comes to things like whale-watching tours, yacht clubs, or even just going for a swim, Point Loma is a great place to get your feet wet. 

Starting with the more typical water-related activities, Point Loma is home to some wonderful beaches. Surfing, swimming, fishing, or even just enjoying the sun are all possibilities. Sunset Cliffs Beach is a popular spot to – you guessed it – watch the sunset. 

If you’re into boating, there are a boatload of places to take it out on the water. Point Loma is also home to three separate yacht clubs, including the San Diego Yacht Club. If you want your sea legs but don’t want to work for them, you can also let someone else do the operating of the boat and simply take in the views. Point Loma is the starting point for things like boat tours of the city, whale-watching tours, and even one-day cruises! What are you waiting for? Get out on the water!

Grab yourself a bite

It’s on the sea, so it only makes sense that Point Loma is a great place to get some aquatic grub. There’s no better place to highlight than Mitch’s Seafood. What better place to eat seafood than right on the water? A great local spot owned by great local people, Mitch’s boasts “Local fish from local fishermen.” You can’t go wrong with anything here. So long as you like seafood, you’re bound to enjoy your meal.

Don’t like seafood? Or maybe you want some variety? Try out Miguel’s Cocina, a California-based-and-inspired Mexican restaurant that gives some Californian twists to some Mexican favorites. Much like Mitch’s, it’s right by the water, so some views with your food are a welcome accompaniment.

The Venetian is a staple in Point Loma and has been for over half a century. It’s a local, family-owned Italian spot serving some of the best Italian cuisine in San Diego. It’s a great place for a romantic dinner date, a family meal, and everything else that falls in between.


Point Loma is located on the western side of San Diego, with the ocean on the west side of the neighborhood and the San Diego Bay on the east side. Across the bay is Coronado. To the east is Hillcrest. The San Diego International Airport is located in the neighborhood, so national and international travel is quickly accessible. Major interstates run just outside of neighborhood limits, but a short commute gives access to both I-8 and I-5.

Let’s get to the Point (Loma)

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