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University Heights

San Diego is home to several unique neighborhoods, and one of the most interesting is University Heights. Founded in 1885 following the completion of the Santa Fe transcontinental railroad, the neighborhood grew throughout the early 1900s, and streetcar lines were extended to it in order to accommodate its residential development. University Heights experienced several other significant periods of growth in the past hundred years, which is why the neighborhood is full of both homes and businesses that embrace the historical architecture of several prominent design decades.

Today, University Heights is known for such architecture, its eclectic atmosphere, and its proximity to popular San Diego attractions. It remains a vibrant and diverse neighborhood in this coastal city.

Park Boulevard Business District Sign at the corner of Park Boulevard and Madison Avenue in University Heights.

Park Boulevard Business District Sign at the corner of Park Boulevard and Madison Avenue, designed by Kevin Whaley in 1997.

University Heights Housing

Around the Park Boulevard and Adams Avenue areas, in particular, there are a wide variety of local eateries, coffee shops, boutiques, artist studios, and live entertainment venues. The area is also home to a wide variety of housing options, including apartments, condominium units, cottages, single-family homes, and multi-million dollar properties. The University Heights community is a close-knit one that presents residents with opportunities to connect and communicate with their neighbors. In addition, despite its accessibility to surrounding neighborhoods, this tree-lined community still maintains its own sense of character and style

Balboa Park, pictured here, is one of many attractions near University Heights.

Balboa Park is one of many attractions near the University Heights neighborhood.

Benefits of Living in University Heights

Local Amenities

University Heights is home to several small businesses and local establishments, such as cafes, eateries, stores, boutiques, and even parks. Much of the neighborhood is walkable and the park areas encourage residents to spend time outdoors. Some of our top recommendations include:

Cafes: Cafe 21, Meraki Cafe, Mystic Mocha, and Lovesong Coffee.

Restaurants: Bahn Thai, Havana Grill, The Nood Bar, and Pop Pies Co.

Local Shops: Day to Day Vintage, Artelexia, Vintage Flea Market, and Lady of the Lake.

Parks: Trolley Barn Park, Sri Chinmoy Peace Garden, University Heights Park, and Mountain View Mini Park.

Summer in the Park Concert Series

During the hotter months, University Heights hosts the Summer in the Park Concert Series as well as a movie series version. Admission is free and each event takes place on Friday from July to August. Visitors are encouraged to bring a picnic to enjoy with friends and family, or to try an ice cream from the Mrs. Frostie mobile vendor.

Comedy and Entertainment

University Heights has a lot to offer by way of entertainment, and for those who like comedy clubs, Comedy Heights is worth a visit. According to the website, comics follow PG-13 routines, so this venue is a decent option for entertainment if you want to bring the family along. 

The neighborhood also boasts the Diversionary theatre, which is one of the oldest theatres in the US, and to this day, providing high-quality live entertainment. Locals and visitors are sure to find a fun show to sit in for during a day or evening out on the town in this neighborhood.

Museums and Cultural Institutions

The neighborhood offers a variety of museums and galleries, and is well connected to the rest of the city for those who wish to experience all the art and culture that San Diego has to offer. The J.A. Cooley Museum embraces University Heights’ dedication to preserving all things vintage. Visitors can take a look at old-timey cars, cameras, toys, and much more. J.A. Cooley, the museum’s namesake, meticulously selected every historical piece that’s currently on display.

University Heights LOCATION

University Heights is located in the heart of San Diego, not far from Normal Heights and the Hillcrest area. Its convenient central location makes it only a few minutes away from some of San Diego’s most popular attractions and amenities, including the Downtown area, Balboa Park, San Diego State University, the San Diego Airport, and Mission Valley.

Interested in Living in University Heights?

If you’re interested in close-knit communities and tree-lined streets, University Heights is definitely worth visiting. Check out some of the local shops and eateries, take part in an event, or visit one of several parks to see why so many people call this community home. Contact us and we’ll be your guide through the best parts of this neighborhood!